5-star reviews

10 Aug 2016

Am I allowed to publish particularly glowing student reviews? Well, I’m going to do it anyways. I’ve always been pretty proud of my teaching, and if there was a Yelp for professors (or if people used RateMyProfessor), mine would look like this:

As standalone teacher:

That’s the best explanation of Saussure I’ve ever heard. (Comment from student who was an emeritus professor of literature, Sum16)

Brent was very passionate about his work and teaching us about those passions. … You’re a wonderful teacher. (LING 462 Syntax, Sum15)

Extremely [intellectually stimulating]! This class is a fascinating mix of theory and functional exercises. It made the students (myself included) really think outside the box and theorize in very interesting ways. The homeworks were particularly good – they really made me think, and apply the theories of the class. (LING 462 Syntax, Sum15)

As TA:

Brent helped me understand course material much more than I would have in lecture. … Brent has a way of making this subject fun and interesting. (LING 233, Spr15)

Brent was really good at asking the students to test their learning/progression. It was a good environment to review our questions and participate. (LING 233, Spr15)

Discussion sections were not only intellectually stimulating but also very enjoyable. They weren’t dull like lectures were, and your enthusiasm in teaching the material … was very helpful to further our learning experience. … You’re a very good TA :) (LING 233, Spr15)

Brent was always concise and entertaining and made the material easy to digest. (LING 100, Win15)