I practice syntax, currently focusing on coordination and related topics like Right Node Raising and idioms. I have a growing interest in experimental syntax, esp. judgments and transposition. I also enjoy building computational grammars in HPSG/LFG; so far I've worked on Rusyn and Burmese. I'm most interested in Uralic and Slavic languages, having studied Russian for several years and, newly, Finnish.

One of my missions is to bring the work of linguists more into public awareness. To that end, I once gave a TEDx talk on language technology. I'm also the only person who has worked at both the Linguist List and the Linguistic Society of America. I received a PhD in Linguistics at UW in Seattle, in Spring of 2019.

Document: Full CV.pdf

ORCID: 0000-0001-8708-0469

Research interests: Syntax (coordination, coordinate ellipsis phenomena), idioms, Slavic languages, experimental methods.


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